All Honors freshmen are required to live together in Griffis and Nunnelee halls (Honors Residential College)*

Griffis and Nunnelee halls provide the benefits of a dynamic social life and attention to academic excellence. Griffis is home to the Honors College offices. Both halls are located in the Zacharias Village - convenient to Sanderson Recreation Center, Mitchell Memorial Library, Colvard Student Union, dining and academic buildings. Rooms in both halls are modular (each has private baths). Special programming at both halls helps you to get to know your fellow students easily. Griffis and Nunnelee are both home to state-of-the-art classrooms.

*Honors freshmen will be assigned to a room in either Griffis or Nunnelee hall with another Honors student. Roommate requests are encouraged; however, such requests may only be made for other Honors College students. Non-program roommates are not permitted.**

**The Shackouls Honors College also permits students to be exempted from the freshmen residency policy if they have a compelling reason. There is an exemption form under the housing section (found under apply and about us) on the Shackouls Honors College website.

Photo of Heidi Meeks

Heidi Meeks

"Choosing to live in Griffis Hall my freshman year was probably one of the best decisions I made in regards to coming to college. Griffis is a conglomerate of students from very diverse backgrounds who are like-minded in their drive for success. I have made numerous friends and connections that I'm sure will follow me throughout the rest of my life. The sense of community in Griffis is wonderful! Whether you are looking for someone to study with for your chemistry test tomorrow or just need a break and want people to hang out with, you will almost always find students congregating in the lobby areas and classrooms. As a resident adviser this year, I put a sign up in my hall that says "Welcome Home!" because I really feel like Griffis has become more than just a residence hall to me; it's my home away from home.‚Äč"
— Heidi Meeks

Photo of Matthew Blair

Matthew Blair

"As a graduating senior I often sit back and reflect on my undergraduate career at Mississippi State University. I think back to freshman year when I transplanted my life from Maryland to Starkville and what it was like moving into Griffis for the first time. Obviously, the tangible benefits of Griffis made the transition easy. Large rooms, private bathrooms, kitchens, classrooms and a convenience store on the first floor offer all the amenities anyone could ask for in a residence hall. However, Griffis is much more than just a residence hall; it is a home away from home. The staff, Honors College and other residents are truly what make Griffis unique. I have lived on campus for eight semesters, six of which at Griffis, and my only regret is not living here the other two. The sense of community in the lobby areas is unlike anything else on campus and will provide the space to foster lifelong friendships. College is a time of change, growth and new experiences. As a senior I know over the next four years many aspects of your lives with change and develop as you begin to discover yourself, Griffis and the friends you make here will always be there as the home and college family that you build your adult life upon. Moving to Mississippi State University and more specifically the Honors Residential College provided me the excellent academic and personal environmental to thrive at MSU. It easily was one of the best decisions I have made in my young life and I hope you follow in my footsteps and do the same."
— Matthew Blair